We just moved in to our new building!

We still have work to do to finish up our renovation, but we have moved in to our

new space next to 812 Pizza and El Nopal!

7600 suite c

State Road 64



 Small Group - 9:30

Worship - 10:30

I am New.  What Should I Expect?

What Time Do Services Start?

Our small group meets at 9:30 and the

worship service starts at 10:30 on Sunday morning.


Where is your Church?

We just moved in to next to 812 Pizza and El Nopal!  

We still have work to do at our new location, 

but we are excited to be meeting there on Sundays now.

What Happens In A Service?

Our service lasts about 1.5 hours so you will be out by noon.  

At our transition location we sing songs with the help of an acoustic guitar.  (When we move to our new location we will have a full band)  

In between some songs we read scripture and pray.  

Currently, Pastor Ryan is preaching through Romans

and the sermon lasts anywhere from 35-45 minutes.  

We then close the service with a song.  

What Do I Wear?   

You may wear whatever you want.  Some will dress in

business casual and others will wear jeans and a t-shirt. 

A tie is a rare sight at Grace Fellowship, but no one will

look at you weird if you wear one. 

What is most important to remember is that God

looks at your heart, not your clothes.

What Do My Kids Do?

If your kids are preschool age and under, 

after you check them in they can go with our amazing

childrens volunteers to play and learn more about God.  

If your kids are elementary age we have activity sheets

to interact with during the service.

   How Do I Get To Church?

   We are meeting at Ashley Mariah Park in Georgetown which is located off Peach Tree Ln. 

You can get to Peach tree from Henriott or Frank Ott rd.  

Once remodeling is done our home for the future is the past home of Family Dollar, next to El Nopal at Georgetown Plaza.

     How Big Is Your Church? 

Currently we have anywhere from 30-45 people attend on Sunday's.  However, we expect that number to increase in the near future.  Either way, we have plenty of room for your family. 

Will I Be Asked To Give Money?

We have a time for our members and regular attenders to give cheerfully with a thankful heart toward God who provides in every way.   If you are visiting please do not feel obligated to give.   

What Else?

Do you have coffee?  Yes

Can I help with anything?  Sure, while in transition we have to set up and tear down.  If you want to help put things away and clean for the next group, we won't stop you.